Top Invoicing Mistakes

Running your own business is hard work. If you used to work a “traditional” job and are now working for yourself, there are likely times when you’re going to miss the simplicity and reliability of a steady paycheck. Even if your business is successful, it will rely upon the receipt of regular income in order to run smoothly. That is why delayed or missing payments can derail even the strongest businesses.

But it is said that nearly 80% of all payment issues can be attributed to invoicing mistakes. Familiarizing yourself with these common errors is the best way to help your business avoid them. Here is a list of some of the top invoicing issues which can lead to payment delays:

  • Incorrect or outdated mailing addresses
  • Incorrect party billed
  • Confusing payment terms
  • Unclear due dates
  • Inconvenient payment acceptance methods

Mobile invoicing software such as Street Invoice can address or prevent all of these issues. With Street Invoice, you can create and send an invoice from your mobile device instantly. You can then send that invoice to your customer via email or SMS. Even if your customer moves, he is unlikely to change his email address or phone number. Plus, because you will be sending your invoice on the spot, the chances of having an address change in the interim are reduced, even if you need to mail out a hard copy of the invoice (a process that Street Invoice offers, as well). And because Street Invoice maintains your customer list electronically and you simply choose the customer when you’re creating the invoice, there is no chance of you mistyping a name or address when creating your invoices. As long as the information is correct the first time you enter it, it will be entered into the invoice correctly every time.

Our invoices are professionally created and easy to read, and your customers can pay immediately, online. We can even include a link to Paypal. Use Street Invoice to avoid the most common invoicing errors and to help you get paid more quickly.

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