3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

So you want to start your own small business. Congrats! There aren’t many people in the world with the confidence and know-how to get a new small business off its feet. While you may have the drive, determination, and personality to get your business off the ground, your idea may not be good enough for your endeavors to reap the rewards you are hoping for. Of course, nothing is set in stone and anything is possible when it comes to consumer interest and trends, but these 3 questions will lead you in the right direction as to whether or not your small business idea is, in fact, a solid one. Before moving forward any further, ask yourself these questions and make the necessary adjustments to your plan for a greater chance of achievement.

  1. Is Your Idea New?

If you have a brand new invention or business idea, that’s a perk. Consumers are always looking for something they haven’t seen before and quickly bore of the same ole’, same ole’. That said, if you think your version of something seen before is much better, brighter, and bolder, you could have a solid small business venture to pursue. If you’re idea is similar to something already out there, be sure you have something interesting and unique to bring to the table. No one likes a copycat, particularly if the newer version isn’t a step up from the original. If you are not sure if your idea is already out there, conduct an extensive internet and/or patent search before moving along.

  1. What Do Friends Think About It?

You’ll need to get a feel of what consumers will make of your small business idea or product. Get a taste of honest feedback from family and friends, or even mild acquaintances. Make needed tweaks based upon their input and reviews before exposing your business to the masses. You may be smart, but you can’t think of everything. Collaboration and collective thinking will only help your small business grow and be the best it can be. Even minor adjustments can make an impact, so take every bit of advice under consideration.

  1. Do You Have Anyone to Back You?

Do you have the funding to launch your small business? Even what may seem like a sizable savings can quickly deplete as you build your business. Costs for products, workers, advertising, testing, and more add up fast and you could find yourself in a hole before you even get a chance to sell anything. Have you looked into investors or a reasonable bank loan? You may not like the idea of having to pay anyone back, but without a little (or a lot) of help, you’ll run the chance of making nothing at all. See who is willing to support you and you will have a greater chance of starting ahead of the game with less stress on your shoulders.

With these 3 questions in mind, your small business’ success is on its way. Be sure to think positively and act with purpose. Good luck!

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