Working as a freelancer sounds like a dream to many people. There’s no one to answer to. You can make your own hours. New opportunities are possible regularly. Independence can be yours. But before you make the change to go at it on your own, you must be sure you are really ready and the type of person who is cut out for a freelance career. These 3 questions will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses and what you’re good at and what areas may need some improvement. If you can fulfill the majority of what is asked below, you may just be the right candidate for a freelance career!

  1. Are You a Go-Getter?

A freelancer must be willing and eager to go after what he or she wants – all the time. You are in charge of the jobs you seek (and hopefully get) and how much or little you are able to take on. You need to be able to make cold calls, initiate introductions, prove why you are the best for the job at hand, and ultimately make the deal. There is no one pushing for you or leading the way. It’s all you, for you. No slacking, no waiting until tomorrow, and no half-hearted attempts. Without a go-getter attitude and major confidence, your freelance future may be only a dream.

  1. Are You Well-Organized

When it’s only you, organization is in your hands. Everyone has their own style and knows what works best for them, but a good amount of organization is key for keeping track of jobs, money, clients, etc. Do your best to keep a neat office and desk. File your paperwork and other materials carefully and with meaningful purpose. Always be sure you have all your work supplies well-stocked and your calendar is up-to-date. Check your email and voice messages regularly and be sure to get back to people within a reasonable amount of time. Once things get off track, it may be difficult to get back in order.

  1. Can You Manage Your Time Well?

They say time is money, and it’s true, especially for a freelancer. When you are not committed to a regular 9 to 5 gig and you have the ability to set your own hours, make sure you are a good manager of time. Be realistic about how long projects will take you. Don’t make promises to clients you may not be able to keep. Wake up early and work strategically. Make sure the amount you are being paid is on par with your output. With proper time management, you will get the job done well.

How well did you answer these questions? Of course, there is more that goes into a freelance career, but these items cover all areas and are important personality traits to know about yourself. Some folks are simply better suited for an office or business environment working for another person or company. Freelancers have unique qualities too and if they give their all, can become a success!


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