Yoga Instructor Invoices

Everyone knows that yoga is good for both the body and the mind, giving you a great workout while also reducing stress. But if you’re a yoga instructor who is having trouble submitting invoices and/or collecting payments from your clients, that process definitely is not conducive to a low-stress lifestyle.

That’s where Street Invoice can help. Quite simply, our program allows you to send invoices to anyone, anytime, from anywhere. That means you can generate high-quality, professional invoices in under a minute and email or text them to your client directly from your cell phone. Then your client can pay you on the spot with the included Paypal link.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Because you manage all of your invoices and payments through Street Invoice, you can check on the status of invoices sent and payments received anytime you wish. That gives you the power to control your own collection process and to always be aware of your business’s financial health.

So follow your own mantra and cut a little stress out of your life. Let Street Invoice take care of the hassles of invoices so that you can focus all of your energies on your business, and on your clients.