Tutor Invoices

Some small business work such as plumbing, landscaping and home repairs can be completed regardless of whether the client is present. Tutoring is different – it requires personal, one-on-one interaction with your client. From a collections perspective, this interaction can be highly beneficial in that you have the opportunity to be paid on the spot, before leaving the session.

But getting paid without using an invoice, even if your client is comfortable with the process, is never a good idea. Not only is it difficult to keep track of payments and maintain an understanding of your finances, but you miss out on an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism to your clients.

Street Invoice gives you a way to reap the benefits of invoicing without requiring a large investment of your time and/or money. With Street Invoice, you can text or email an invoice to your client, on the spot, from your mobile phone. The invoices look professional and can even use your personal logo. And your clients can pay you upon receipt with the included Paypal link. The entire process is quick and simple, and allows you to take control of your own billing procedures.

Give Street Invoice a try today, and see what we can do for your tutoring business!