Plumber Invoices

Like every small business category, plumbers face challenges which cut across a number of industries – and one of those primary issues is collections.

It goes without saying that the longer it takes you to send an invoice, the longer it takes to get paid. Therefore, sending out accurate, professional invoices as quickly as possible will help your bottom line. Not only will customers resolve their balances sooner, but the less time you waste on paperwork is more time that you can spend earning money.

This is where Street Invoice can help. Street Invoice allows you to send out invoices anytime, from anywhere. Your invoices will be professionally-designed and even come with your business’s logo. You can create and send an invoice from your phone or mobile device in under a minute, allowing you to complete the invoicing process before you’ve even left the jobsite. That’s it – no worrying about having to complete paperwork once you’ve returned to the office.

Best of all, Street Invoice allows you to check on the status of payments in real time, meaning that you can see your business’s financial health from anywhere, anytime. No more waiting for bank statements or quarterly reviews. With Street Invoice, you can minimize the inconvenience of the collections process and focus your energies on maximizing your plumbing business’s bottom line.