Contractor Invoice

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As any contractor knows, your workload, and therefore your billing needs, can change at any time. That’s because, while you do your best to predict the size of a project in your original estimate, things can change once you actually begin a job. Contractor Invoice work can be difficult because you discover additional necessary work, or because a client requests more services along the way, the bottom line is that when it comes to billing, you need to be flexible.

That’s why Street Invoice can be so beneficial for contractors. We know that your ability to keep your business running smoothly depends upon your ability to be paid. And timely payments start with proper, professional invoices. But finding time to get back to the office to draft an invoice can be difficult. Street Invoice eradicates that inconvenience.

Street Invoice allows you to create an invoice on the spot, from the jobsite, all from your mobile device. The Street Invoice app maintains your client’s information, as well as a list of your commonly-performed services and frequently-sold goods. That means that you can add a good or service to your invoice with the click of a button. All of this leads to the creation and submission of an invoice in under 60 seconds.

And with Street Invoice, your client can even pay you on the spot, electronically. We even maintain records of your accounts receivable, meaning that you can check on the financial health of your business, anytime, from anywhere.

Give Street Invoice a try today! We take the hassle out of the billing process, allowing you to keep your focus on your contracting work, and on delivering your best to your clients.