Contractor Estimate

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A well-written, professional estimate is the lifeblood of any contractor’s business. All work, and therefore all revenue, is born from that original estimate, making it an invaluable component of your livelihood.  Because the estimates you draft can make or break your business, their importance cannot be overstated.

Despite the importance of estimates to your clients and to your business, you cannot spend an inordinate amount of time working on them. At the same time, failure to produce timely, professionally-styled estimates can lead to job losses and missed opportunities. Street Invoice offers you a service which helps you to provide professional estimates to your clients while allowing you to focus on what you do best: your contracting work.

Street Invoice allows you to produce professional estimates on the go, so that you can avoid having to return to the office in order to complete paperwork. Best of all, our mobile app allows you to meet with a potential customer and produce a professional estimate on the spot, directly from your mobile phone. That means no more losing jobs when another company is able to produce an estimate while the client is still waiting for yours.

The Street Invoice app maintains your client information for easy access. Best of all, you can pre-populate our program with frequently-performed services and prices, so that you can produce an invoice in under sixty seconds. Stop losing money to delays, and stop tying yourself up with administrative tasks. Give Street Invoice a try today! It will save you both time and money.