Invoice Program

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Creating and sending invoices is a necessary evil for any small business. Your business cannot survive without getting paid for your products and services, and invoices are the means by which you make that process happen. Yet, for most business, any time that you spend on invoicing is time for which you are not being paid. Therefore you need a way to create and send invoices quickly and simply, allowing you time to focus on the primary aspects of your business.

You could, of course, just make a handwritten invoice on the spot once you finish a job. But while this method may be simple, it is not professional. But creating a professional invoice template takes time and money. Do you know how to create drop-down fields in order to insert your client’s information quickly? What about including your logo? Do you have a system for calculating sales tax? What might sound out sounding like a simple job can quickly eat into your time and money.

Street Invoice takes the burden of invoicing off of your shoulders. With our free mobile app, you simply finish a project, and then pull up the app on your mobile device. Our app keeps track of your customer information and project costs, so that you can create an invoice quickly and simply. The invoice is professional and comes marked with your business’s contact information and even your logo. You can send the invoice to your customer on the spot via email, or Street Invoice can send the invoice for you via US Mail.

Don’t let invoicing take over your day. Street Invoice is here to help you get back to focusing on what you do best. Give Street Invoice a try today!