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Running a small business is hard work. You need professional, timely invoices just to keep your business afloat. And yet, who has the time to create and maintain an invoicing system? Unless invoicing is the purpose of your small business, then any time you spend on that task would be better spent doing something else. And yet, if you want your business to run smoothly and for you to be paid for your work, then an invoicing process is a necessity. What is the best way to resolve this issue?

Street Invoice is your answer. Street Invoice is a free mobile app which allows you to send invoices on the spot, directly from your mobile device, in under a minute. When you finish your project, you simply open the Street Invoice app on your mobile phone or tablet. It maintains all of your client and service/product information, so creating the invoice is a breeze.

Best of all, your invoice looks professional, with your business’s contact information and even your personized logo. Your client receives an invoice immediately upon completion of the project, without you needing to return to your office. And the sooner your clients receive invoices, the sooner you can be paid.

In fact, with Street Invoice, you can even be paid on the spot. With our option to submit a Paypal link along with your invoice, payments can be processed immediately and effortlessly. No more wondering whether your invoice was received, or whether your client has any issues/questions. Any potential issues can be resolved right there while you are still with your client.

Stop letting the hassle of invoicing keep you from focusing on your business. Give Street Invoice a try today and see what a difference we can make for your business!