Best Invoicing Software

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Looking for the best way for your small business to create and send invoices? Street Invoice is the answer. For many small business owners, the invoicing process is, at best, a necessary evil. You cannot be paid properly unless your clients are invoiced. But you didn’t go into business because you enjoyed sending out bills. Therefore, you likely want to focus on the paperwork part of the process as little as possible. Unfortunately, as you may have learned, keeping up on your billing can be difficult.

What you need is a way to send your clients an invoice which is accurate and professional in appearance, without having to return to your office once the work is complete. If you wait to send an invoice until a specific date that you decide to dedicate to paperwork, then you’re simply delaying the receipt of your payments and taking the risk that something can fall through the cracks. You can always print an invoice in advance and take it with you, but what if something changes while you’re on the job? What if the client requests additional products or services? Then not only do you still not have a correct invoice on hand, but you’ve also wasted the time you spent creating the (now incorrect) invoice.

Street Invoice has a better way. With Street Invoice, you create professional invoices from your mobile phone in under a minute. You send them to your client immediately via email, and they can even pay you on the spot. Street Invoice maintains your client information and has pre-populated fields which make the process quick and simple. Your invoice can even come printed with your logo. The result is a streamlined process which benefits both you and your customers, and gets you paid more quickly. Give Street Invoice a try today, and see what a difference it can make for your business!