Create Professional Invoices

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In today’s business world, appearance is everything. You can be the best at what you do, but if your business does not have a professional appearance, your work is likely to be overlooked. The weight given to a business’s appearance may be unfair, but it is a fact of life. Therefore, if you want your business to succeed, you need to be mindful of the impressions that you are making upon your clients.

One of the ways that you communicate with your clients is with your invoicing process. You cannot expect to be respected by your clients if you are scribbling out an invoice on the back of a napkin. This example is extreme, of course, but an unprofessional invoice truly can change your client’s impression of your business. Why take that risk when you can produce professional invoices quickly, simply, and at a reasonable price?

Street Invoice is a mobile app which allows you to produce invoices in less than a minute using your phone or other mobile device. You can produce an invoice and send it to your client as soon as you complete a project. Your invoices will be attractive and professional, and your clients will be impressed with the timeliness of your billing process. Best of all, you can edit and add to invoices easily, making for the simple inclusion of additional products and services.  In other words, if your client changes or adds to the job once you’ve already started it, you can still be paid right away without having to go back to the office to make a new invoice. And the faster you can get your invoices to your clients, the faster you can be paid.

Let Street Invoice show you how to send professional, accurate invoices with the touch of a button! Give us a try today!