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One of the most difficult parts of running a small business is seeing just how much money can walk out the door each month. Invoicing problems can quickly snowball and result in losses to your business’s bottom line. The longer you take to complete and send an invoice, the more likely you are to make mistakes or possibly even forget to send the invoice entirely. And even once you have the invoice sent, you have to wait for your customer to make payment. Like anyone else, customers prefer to handle issues immediately. In other words, if you can give a customer an invoice for work as soon as you complete it, you are more likely to be paid right away.

Street Invoice has listened to the concerns of small business owners and has come up with a solution. Our mobile invoicing app allows you to create invoices on the go, directly from the job site, using your mobile phone. The process is simple and takes under a minute. We keep track of your customers, services and prices, allowing you to create an invoice quickly. New customer? No problem! We can import the customer’s information directly from your phone book.

Street Invoice creates professional invoices with your business’s information and even your logo, and can add local sales taxes as well. You can email the invoice directly to your client along with a link to Paypal so that you can be paid on the spot. Our software allows you to keep track of payments in real time, so that you can check on the status of your receivables anytime you wish. No more waiting for quarterly or even monthly reports – Street Invoice puts the power of our software at your fingertips.

Give Street Invoice a try today, and see what your business has been missing!