What Can You Do With Street Invoice

To put it simply, Street Invoice allows you to send estimates and invoices anytime, to anyone, from anywhere. But what else can the program do for your small business?

Here is a list of Street Invoice’s features. With Street Invoice, you can:

  • Create estimates and invoices using your business’s contact information and logo
  • Import your customers’ information from your phone book
  • Select goods/services and prices from a drop-down menu, saving you the time of entering them in each time
  • Add line items as necessary
  • Calculate any taxes or discounts
  • Send invoices from your phone via email, SMS or chat
  • Print your invoice from your screen or have Street Invoice mail the invoice to your customer (if requested)
  • Have your customer pay you on the spot
  • Share invoice and customer information with other team members
  • Track invoices sent and payments received in real time
  • See your business’s financial status anytime, from anywhere

Street Invoice takes the hassle out of the billing process, allowing you to be paid faster. Our professional invoices give your customers a positive view of your business, and they appreciate the convenience of immediate invoicing and payment options. With Street Invoice, your billing process is simple and streamlined, allowing you to turn your focus back to your work.