You want to be sure  everything you do around your business has some careful thought behind it. From the products and services to the advertising and marketing , everything should reflect the vision you have for your enterprise.

The name you finally choose needs to look after a few different requirements at once. Because many businesses start out with you working  by yourself, the tendency is to use your name for the handle, but there are a few things you need to consider like the fact it will be harder to build a brand awareness and present a professional look by going that route.

On the web, in a logo and social media.

Start by thinking about how the name you’ve come up with will look on the Internet.  We did when we decided Street Invoice was the name that sounded and looked like it would appeal to the busy service people on the go  we were trying to attract. We wanted our market to understand they could save time and get paid faster with our mobile invoicing app and we wanted to select a name that reflected our goals on the web, in a logo and on social media.

Remember, there are some other important questions you need to ask before you make any name official. It’s possible to pick a name you like that doesn’t serve the purpose of appealing to your target market or doesn’t reflect your business philosophy or culture.  Taking a step back to consider whether your chosen name meets all these requirements is a good idea.


You need to consider the legalities as well. In fact, you might even opt for a name that you love and passes all of the other benchmarks only to find it has been trademarked. If you proceed and use a name that’s already been through this process and secured by someone else, you and your company can wind up in some hot water.

Making sure you get it right

It’s all about taking the time to make sure you get it right. When we considered that our Invoicing app could be up and running in minutes, we wanted to make sure the name appealed to businesspeople who were looking to unchain themselves from hours sitting behind a desk filling out paper invoices. Of course, Street Invoice was careful to make sure our choice wasn’t already taken and there weren’t going to be any issues.

Having trouble getting started? Why not sit down and take a few minutes to list the positive attributes of your company? That will give you a good jumping off point to begin .  Checking to see if the domain name is available is one great way to narrow down your choices as well.






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