If you have an established business, you’ve likely become accustomed to your own billing methods. And if the majority of your customers have been paying your invoices – and hopefully even paying them on time – then you might be wondering why you should consider changing to a mobile invoicing platform. Why should you try something new, if what you are doing now seems to be working just fine? screen-7-chart

The answer is that even if you are among the business owners fortunate enough to have their customers making timely payments, you can still benefit from a mobile invoicing program. That’s because consistent payments isn’t the only upside to mobile invoicing. The biggest issue for most independent workers is that there are never enough hours in the day. And if you’re still typing up and sending out traditional invoices, you’re wasting valuable time that you could be spending on something more productive.

Street Invoice allows you to create and send mobile invoices from anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Why inconvenience yourself and your customers by waiting to send an invoice until you’re back at your home or office and have access to a printer? Mobile invoicing via a reliable provider such as Street Invoice saves you both time and money, and gives your customers the benefit of never having to wait for an invoice to arrive in the mail (unless, of course, your customer prefers or requires mailed invoices – Street Invoice provides that service as well).

The bottom line is that mobile invoicing is the future of billing. Not only will your clients appreciate an instant, mobile invoice – soon, they will come to expect it. Implementing the free Street Invoice app now allows you to take advantage of this technology immediately, putting you at the forefront of modern billing practices. And with all of the advantages of mobile invoicing, what do you have to lose? Give Street Invoice a try today!

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