As you do your best to keep your business running smoothly, you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve the services that you provide to your clients. And while it may be tempting to limit your focus to the work your customer hires you to do, the truth is that you can actually improve your customers’ experience by making some improvements behind the scenes. One of the easiest ways to better meet your customers’ needs is to implement an invoicing system that is suited to your client base.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make your invoices easy to read and understand. If you are charging your client for both products and services, be clear which is which. Describe the services with sufficient detail to make it obvious what each charge covers. If you provided services on a specific date, try to include that information in your invoice as well to make it easier for your clients to see exactly when the services were performed.


  1. Send your invoice as quickly as possible. Providing an invoice quickly allows your client to pay right away, so that the payment isn’t overlooked. Quick payments not only benefit your business – they allow your clients to satisfy their debts right away and to move on with their lives.


  1. Implement a mobile invoicing program such as Street Invoice. Not only will you be able to send invoices right away, but an electronic system is convenient for your customers. They can quickly and easily access their invoice from anywhere, simply by looking at their emails or SMS inbox. And having electronic payment options makes the payment process simpler for your customers as well.

Street Invoice is more than a way for you to improve upon your business: its benefits extend to your clients as well. Download Street Invoice’s free app today and start sending invoices and receiving payments anytime and from anywhere.

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