Invoicing Software

According to the NFIB Research Foundation, small business owners are much more likely to handle billing themselves than to delegate the responsibility to an employee or an outside accountant. This self-management allows small business owners to take control of their own billing and receivables, which makes sense – who else is in a better position to know his own clients and projects? However, when not handled efficiently, business professionals can fall into the trap of spending more time managing their revenue processing more than actually making revenue itself. The NFIB also reports that the small business owner’s most significant payment problems are slow or late payments. The best way to remedy these issues is to implement simple, reliable invoicing software which allows you to control your invoicing without requiring a significant time investment.

Street Invoice’s invoicing software provides you with simple, user-friendly products that you can implement into your business immediately. You can quickly import your customer information and descriptions of your products and services for simple transfer into your invoices. Street Invoice allows you to create attractive, personalized invoices with your business’s logo and contact information, so that you do not need to spend the time designing an invoice from scratch. Best of all, Street Invoice calculates your total and taxes for accurate invoices every time.

Creating an invoice on Street Invoice takes less than a minute, and it can be done from your mobile phone. Invoices can be sent via US Mail, email or text message, and customers can even pay on the spot with a signature on your mobile screen.

Come and see how a great invoicing program can make all of the difference for your business. Create invoices simply and professionally with Street Invoice today!