Many companies, big and small, hire interns for the summer or even year round. Small businesses and startups can gain enormous help thanks to successful intern hires that can last well beyond the internship period. With new ideas fresh from school, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to help in a variety of areas, interns can be your business’ best friend. Here are some reasons why interns are valuable to companies and why you should invest time and some money into choosing the right help for your growing company.

They Are Flexible

An intern is green and ready to put their services to use. Sure the intern may have majored in economics, but if you need someone to help out in the marketing department, you can be pretty sure your intern will be willing to assist. They’ve likely applied to intern with your company because it’s interesting to them, so no matter where their work can be utilized, the intern will find a way to get it done. Since an intern is not quite an expert yet, their overall skills and hard work can be molded towards whatever your company needs to succeed. You’d be hard pressed to find this go-getter attitude from a seasoned employee. Also, by working in a number of departments, the intern will learn a great deal about your business, making them an even better asset than if they stuck to a single avenue.

They Have New Ideas

Sure, you may have had more experience and have been in the workforce longer, but that doesn’t mean you’ve thought of it all. An intern will have new ideas they’ve learned in school, or simply have a different approach towards looking at a given situation. Allow your intern to participate in company meetings and brainstorming discussions. A fresh perspective is always a bonus when it comes to company growth. The tried-and-true methods are always a clutch, but to really get your company to new heights, a brand new concept may be in order. The energetic thoughts of an intern can provide you with just that.

They Will Grow With You

If you hire an intern with drive and passion, the work they’ve put in during their internship won’t go unnoticed. This is a great person to become part of your full-time team. As an intern, they probably made little (or no) money and still put their heart and soul into your projects. Continue on with the intern as a regular employee to stretch their limits and make them part of your company’s growth. It’s hard to find work as a new graduate, so with an internship under their belt – particularly with your company – you know who you’re investing into and the work they’ve proven themselves through thus far.

Interns are helpful and will get your company where you want to be. Give a newbie a chance to show that inexperience can lead the best experience they can get! It will be a blessing for both the intern and your business.

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