home based business

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ll know that the one constant is change. Not only has there been a seismic shift away from the brick and mortar storefronts we grew up with, even the idea of spending your working life with one company is gradually being bumped aside as more people look to starting their own business on the Internet.

Cyberspace has opened up a whole new arena for those looking to be their own boss and even in the short decade or so that the idea of working for yourself online has carved its own niche, a few solid business ideas have jumped to the forefront.

Business Plan Service

One of the first things you’ll learn is the modern business world hasn’t left the old one behind completely. Even though there are modern innovations like our mobile app that weren’t seen in the days when business owners needed to chain themselves to their desks periodically to fill out invoices, some of the old standbys like the business plan have made the jump to ecommerce.

That’s why if you have good research and writing skills, you can make a living online by starting a business plan service. For the cost of a professional website and some Internet based marketing, you can become a business plan writer/consultant, especially if home based business 2you’ve gone through the process before and know how to conduct the necessary research.

Online Course Instructor

During these tight economic times and usually through no fault of their own, companies have stranded people with high demand skill sets when they close their doors. You can offer something like business management or strategy courses or others in an area you’re passionate about that have little to do with your previous work experience. It’s quite easy to create simple videos to place on a website or even use Skype to teach the course in real time. Don’t forget to include our invoicing app since it’s perfect for any and all professionals on the go. We even offer credit card processing so your clients can pay with plastic from their own devices.
Through it all, you need to outfit that new home based business with all the right technology to make your job easier. Street Invoice can help you move from the old world where invoicing was a time consuming hassle to our modern invoicing app that allows you to send a professional personal invoice in under one minute.



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