Create Job Estimates

When you’re trying to close a deal, timing can mean everything. You meet with the client, you assess her needs, and you know that you can offer her the best products and services at a great price. You go back to the office to create an estimate, and send it to your potential client, just to learn that the she has hired someone else in the meantime. To maximize your potential, you need a way to simplify the you create job estimates and save time for yourself and your client.

Street Invoice has a solution: mobile job estimates. You can meet with a client, discuss an idea, and create an estimate for the project right on the spot. No more lost jobs due to the downtime spent creating estimates back at the office. Street Invoice quickly incorporates your project costs, including taxes, allowing you to send your estimate immediately without concerns over errors or miscalculations. And the faster your client receives and approves an estimate, the sooner you can get started doing what you do best.

Street Invoice offers more than mobile estimates. When you complete the job, you’ll be able to use Street Invoice’s mobile invoicing software to invoice your client immediately, even from your mobile device. From estimates to invoices, Street Invoice meets the needs of today’s sales force and business owners. Our simple tools create a professional, streamlined experience for both you and your client.

So stop wasting time and losing money with traditional estimates. Let Street Invoice take away the hassles that are chaining your business to a desk. Give Street Invoice a try and see what our products can do for you!

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