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We all know that going green is good for the environment. But did you also know that it can save your money? Even if you are your business’s only employee, you can make small changes that can have a big impact on your bottom line. Here are some suggestions:

1. Go Paperless. Using apps like Street Invoice can help you reduce paper and postage costs by allowing you to send your invoices and estimates via email directly from your phone. But Street Invoice is just one example of the many ways that you can take advantage of technology to create actual savings. If appropriate, use email and/or Skype for your communications. Think about all of the ways that you use paper and printing in your business and see how many you can eliminate.

2. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. This has become a bit of a catchphrase in the green movement, but it really is true: incorporating these concepts into your business practice is good for the environment AND for your finances. Buy used equipment when possible, and sell the items you no longer need instead of throwing them out. You can also receive tax breaks for recycling your unused computer equipment. Before you toss anything out, see if it can be re-used by someone else.

3. Take advantage of social media. The days of relying upon direct mail campaigns are over. Consider cutting down on your old, paper-reliant marketing methods and replacing them with e-friendly choices which will save you money and are likely to reach a larger audience.

4. Consider “green” equipment. If you drive a lot for your job, look into vehicle options that cut down on gas and save you money on fuel costs. If you maintain an office, smart thermostats and light controls may cost you money initially but can definitely save you money over time.

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