Starting and maintaining the momentum of a small business is a challenge, but the people in the trenches with you can make all the difference in determining the success of your company. With the right balance of personalities and skill sets, the group you put together can be a dream team. Every business is different but almost all can benefit from these 4 types of employees by their side.

  1. Born Leader

You may have started your own business but this doesn’t necessarily make you a leader. Some of the best innovators are introverted and mild-mannered. Get a bold, take-charge leader on your team. A strong manager will lead your employees in a positive direction with set goals and new heights to strive for. He or she can work with you to bring your values and efforts to fruition within the group. A born leader is confident, strong, and willing to delegate tasks to those who can best conquer them.

  1. Peacemaker

Small businesses will have their struggles and controversies along the way. With few employees, some may have to take on numerous tasks and unclear roles may overlap. This can cause tension and arguments among employees when everyone should be striving for the same goal – company success. That’s why a peacemaker personality is a key component in a well-rounded staff mix. The peacemaker will be able to take a step back and see all sides of the story. He or she will get the group settled and working harmoniously. Without teamwork, a small business will sink. Together, things will go swimmingly!

  1. Organizer

Creative minds and go-getter types are important, but they aren’t necessarily the most organized. You need someone on your team to make sure things get done on time, payments are in order, supplies are fulfilled, calls get answered, etc. Your small business will also benefit from a well-kept office, calendar reminders, and well-defined org charts. Ideally, all your staff members will be well-organized, but if you can’t find this quality in an otherwise valuable employee, be sure at least one person on your small team has got their stuff together.

  1. People Person

A winning attitude and an extroverted “schmoozer” is an asset to a small business’ staff. When you are starting out, you’ll need that go-to person to meet with new clients, help expand your reach, and attend meetings and seminars. This person should be cordial and friendly, and great with all personality types. A good sense of humor and a quick intuition are important character traits for your people person. A positive personality and a strong sense of confidence makes this staff member one to emulate.

With a team that includes these 4 personality types, you are on your way to great things. A nice balance of people makes for a pleasant working environment as well. Good luck putting together a successful team!

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