Working with your spouse can be both a blessing and a curse. For many, the idea of getting to spend all day with their loved one is ideal, and participating in shared goals for the same company is motivating. Think about it, most of our time is actually spent away from our spouse if we work outside the home, so working together is a rarity for the general population. That said, sometimes too much togetherness can cause major strain on a relationship. There’s stress, pressure, and deadlines, and there’s no one fresh to come home to unload to. That’s why working with a spouse takes special planning and care in order to stay content in both aspects of the relationship. These 3 tips will keep you connected for working and living harmoniously.

  1. Resolve Home Issues Before Heading to the Office

Just like it’s said to never go to bed angry, never head to work that way either when you work with your spouse. Deal with marital squabbles, disagreements about the kids, the upcoming in-laws visit, etc. before you head in to the office. If you cannot come to a peaceful resolution, make a promise to drop the issue while in the workplace. You won’t be able to give your complete concentration to your job and others in the office will pick up on the tension, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone. Make a pact to leave home-related items just there, at home.

  1. Talk to Each Other as You Would Other Co-Workers

Everyone may know you are partners, but that doesn’t mean you ought to behave as such at the office. No lovey-dovey behavior and no tit-for-tat nitpicking that you wouldn’t dare to entertain with others in the workplace. Treat each other with the same courtesy and behavior as you would the others around you. Steer clear of showering special attention on one another or giving each other a pass for unsatisfactory work just because you love each other. At work, everyone’s equal no matter the relationship status.

  1. Find Some Time to Be Apart

Being together all day and all night sounds good for a while, but after some time in the daily grind, it could become taxing and downright irritating. You don’t want your relationship to suffer nor do you want your work to become subpar. You need to create a new kind of balance where you can find some personal time away from each other before driving each other nuts. Spend time with different sets of friends on weekends or head home separately after work when you can. Try to have lunch alone every once in a while and meet with diverse groups for happy hour on different days. This alone time will refresh you and give you a little breathing room. This way, when you are together again, you’ll have new things to talk about and your relationship will be recharged.

Do you work with your spouse? What are your tips for making it work?

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